Peru to create 15 new conservation areas

Isabel Guerra

Lush forests, exotic endangered animals species and important archaeological remains will be part of 15 new conservation areas to be created, that will cover more than one million hectares in eight departments of the coast, Andean mountains and jungle region in Peru.

According to Luis Alfaro, Trade Chief of the National Protected Nature Areas Service (Sernanp), these 15 proposals are already on their way to be officially declared as conservation areas, and have been voluntarily designed by communities that wish to conserve their land.

Some of the future conservation areas are, as an example, the Angostura-Faical woods in Tumbes; the Virrilá wetlands, the dry forests at Salitral and Huarmaca and the Huacrupe and Palacios forests, in Lambayeque.

Alfaro also said that there are also important areas in the Amazon to be declared as conservation areas, like the case of Choquequirao, in Cusco.

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