Lourdes in the lead


An amazing survey carried out yesterday by the Encuesta
Nacional de Datum placed, the leader of the Unidad Nacional, Lourdes Flores
Nano in the lead by 26%, Ollanta Humala leader of the Unión por el Perú was in
second place but only by 25%. Alan Garcia leader of the Apra party was in third
by 14% and Valentin Paniagua leader of the Frente de Centro party with 11%. The
survey also showed that if there were to be a second voting by the public,
Lourdes Flores would always win, Flores (52%)vs. Garcia (24%), also it showed that if it were between
Flores and Humala; Flores would win by a 50% vote and Humala would lose by only 35% of votes. With this
posted, Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela
added his usual comments saying “If Lourdes
attacks, what she will be doing is helping Humala’s votes grow. The people are
tired of hearing fights and want to listen to what they plan to do”.