Peru: Street Children release CD with Christmas Carols

Isabel Guerra

The melodious voices of the ‘Petisos’ (generic nickname given in Peru to street children) will be heard in Limenian homes this Christmas; they have released their second album, featuring unforgettable Christmas carols sung in their own style.

The choir, composed of children and adolescents aged from 6 to 17 years, sings  traditional Christmas songs, as well as some of their own compositions, according to a press release issued by the “Casa de los Petisos.”

Two years ago, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima created a choir with the best voices of these children, who, due to the moral and material abandonment they suffered, were housed in the four Municipality’s complexes.

The children have received integral and special attention, forming a choir that has succeeded in producing an album for the second consecutive year.

The Christmas album of the “House of Petisos” can be bought at any kiosk in Lima, or in Conde de Superunda 446, Cercado de Lima.

You can get more information by telephone: 996905109 / 996461340.

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