Peruvian artists join international campaign against climate change

Isabel Guerra

A group of Peruvian artists today released the music video "The time is now" to join the global campaign against climate change "Tck, tck, tck," sponsored by nearly 450 organizations on the planet.

In the video, the artists, including Damaris (winner of the Silver Seagull in 2008 the Festival of Viña del Mar) and Brenda Mau (second in the Spanish Operación Triunfo contest this year) sing in Spanish and Quechua the theme "The beds are burning," by the Australian group Midnight Oil.

They will try to hand in this video to the official delegations participating in the upcoming Summit of Copenhagen Climate Change (December 7th-18th ).

The lyrics of "The time is now" refer to the impact of climate change in Peru: drought or rains in the Andes, and the agony of flora and fauna in the Amazon, among other problems.

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