Brazil’s President will visit Peru next week.

Isabel Guerra

President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio da Silva will make an official visit to Peru next Friday to review the relationship between Brazil and Peru and open the "Expo Brazil 2009," informed Peruvian Chancellorship.

The President of Brazil will lead a business mission to participate at "Expo Brazil 2009", with the aim to promote a bigger trade interchange and more bilateral investments, as well as to present cultural, gastronomic and touristic Brazilian aspects.

Lula and Garcia will also discuss the commitments and agreements reached during the meeting held in Rio Branco past April 28th.

They will also sign some other agreements to the execution of projects and programs to allow a better physical, economic and social integration between Peruvian and Brazilian population.

The Presidents will inaugurate the "Public Peruvian-Brazilian School Republic of Brazil" to symbolize a better integration in the educational world between both countries.

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