Peru’s Alicorp aims to reach a place amongst the 250 top companies in the region

Isabel Guerra

After purchasing two personal care product companies (in Argentina and Colombia) in June 2008, Alicorp now aims to have a place amongst the first 250 companies in Latin America, and to bill approximately US $ 2 billion in 2015.

Leslie Pierce, Alicorp’s General Manager, says that “this year, following the increase of our exports and the purchase of the Colombia’s Propera and Argentina’s The Value Brand Company, our participation in other markets has deepened, and we will probably close 2009 as one of the 350 largest companies in Latin America."

He recalled that two years ago the company was below the 500 top companies in the region.

Pierce also said that despite the international crisis, 2009 has been a good year for Alicorp and that by the end of this year they will probably have recorded sales of  US$ 1.2 billion.

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