Chile discloses some information regarding espionage against Peru case

Isabel Guerra

Chilean Defense Minister, Francisco Vidal, admitted that two retired members of the Chilean Air Force have had formal contact with the Peruvian Air Force NCO Victor Ariza Mendoza, currently accused of espionage in favor of Chile.

"The names that have been disclosed recently are the ones of retired officials of the FACH, who currently are working in protocol area, in international relations. They met Mr. Ariza several times because they both had relations with all the military attaches accredited in Chile," Vidal told the press.

The Chilean minister was referring to the two names revealed by Lima’s newspaper "La República:" FACH officers Jaime López Ruiz and Adrian Bravo Carrasco, who may be Victor Ariza’s Chilean contacts.

However, the Chilean minister did not confirm whether this had been proven or not, and said that the Chilean government is preparing an official response to Peru.

In Lima, Foreign Ministry sources said they will not make any comment until they receive that formal response.

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