Toledo comments on future plans


Alejandro Toledo the president of Peru
said that Peru
can’t change with every new president “we owe it to the future generations, the
responsibility to have a stable country” said Toledo.
He made this and more comments referring to the eventual signing of the free commerce
with the United States, which means the opening of our doors to the biggest
consumer market of the world “this market will be inherited by the next government,
a responsible government, I hope, for a government that will not destabilize, a
government that will build on top of our
merits and corrects our errors” manifested Toledo. He gave these declarations
after returning from his trip from the United
States, there he met with the mayor of Florida,
John. E Bush and a delegation of industrialists .
Toledo also took
this opportunity to comment on Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela
saying “we have said almost everything there is to say about the topic. The President
Hugo Chavez has been elected to govern Venezuela,
not to govern Latin America”. Toledo
will see Chavez face to face when Evo Morales takes presidential command of Bolivia
“I will see him on Sunday in La Paz
and I know we will sing together and I will show him how to sing the National Anthem
of Peru!”