Peru and Brazil signed 16 agreements, but not the energy alliance

Isabel Guerra

Brazilian’s President visit to Peru ended with the signing of 16 bilateral cooperation agreements.

The agreements include the establishing of a border integration zone, an agreement in regards to control systems at border crossings, and another to facilitate the transit of private vehicles in these areas.

Another one of the agreements signed allows resident populations near the Peru-Brazil border to study and receive health care in the closest nearby town, even if it is within the neighboring country, and another agreement established the performance of regional cross-border flights.

However, the main purpose of the visit, the energy alliance, will have to wait, since Brazil’s President Lula Da Silva admits that it needs further discussion.

"We obviously need a serious discussion because we want to build an alliance that satisfies the people of Peru and Brazil," Da Silva said.

The alliance will involve the construction of hydroelectric plants in the jungle of Peru, which would generate about 6,000 megawatts.

However, in some areas, like in Inambari, residents reject the project due to the negative impact it may have on the environment.

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