Return of Chilean ambassador marks return of normal relations, says Peru’s Chancellor


Peru’s minister of Foreign Affairs, José Antonio García Belaunde (shown in the photo), said the return of the Chilean ambassador to Lima, Fabián Vío, marks the return of normal relations with the southern country.

"The return of the Chilean and Peruvian ambassadors marks the resumption of normal bilateral relations. Indeed, it’s very hard to talk about normal relations when no ambassadors exist," he said to Andina.

Chancellor García Belaunde added that the return to Santiago of the Peruvian ambassador, Carlos Pareja, strengthens this normality, especially after the announcement made by president Michelle Bachelet to analyze the spy case denounced by the government of Peru.

With the return of both ambassadors to lead their respective delegations, Chile and Peru can resume bilateral relations in different issues, said Garcia Belaunde.

"The presence of the ambassadors mean that there’s a strong willingness to strengthen relations," he stated.

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