Peru’s Paolo Guerrero expects to come back in March

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian soccer player Paolo Guerrero (shown in the photo) no longer needs crutchs to walk, and is optimist about being back in the stadiums by March and to renew contract with Hamburg.

"I feel very good physically and barely feel any pain. I have been in an intense rehabilitation program," says Guerrero told German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt.

He also confessed he’s been feeling bad lately about not playing, and he’s not watching soccer matchs.

On the other side, Paolo answered to a call from Hamburg supporters to a Christmas activity to collect toys for poor children; more than 500 Hamburg fans attended the event, not only to take a present but to take pictures with the players but also to ask for their autographs.

The Hamburg players will have a two weeks vacation and will be back on Jan. 2 for pre-season works at Dubai.

Guerrero’s contract with Hamburg ends in Jun. 30.

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