Alan and Lourdes will close Congress


The presidential
candidates Lourdes Flores (UN) and Alan Gracia (Apra) have announced their plan,
that in a extreme situation, they would dissolve the next Congress if their proposals
of reform of the State were not accepted. They reminded that the
constitution contemplates this possibility. The leader of the Apra party said
that if he were to be chosen for presidency he would send a package with the
modified constitutions and the laws to Congress, but if the intentions were
denied, the first minister would renounce and his successor would return to
intent it. In the case that it would fail again, the congress would be
dissolved, diplomatically. Garcia added that the constitution states that the
president has the power to dissolve the congress, and convoke a new election. Flores
Nano also added that all this is contemplated in the Carta Magna in case that a
crisis would arise.