US Ambassador: Peru produces the world’s best cacao


United States Ambassador to Peru, Michael McKinley, (shown in photo, right) said our country produces the best cacao in the world, adding that it should position the Peruvian chocolate brand in the world.

“Claiming that Peru produces the best cacao in the world is an indisputable truth, that is why Tocache agro-industrial cooperative recently won the award House of Chocolate in Paris,” he said.

He pointed out that domestic cacao is an input for the most renowned chocolates of Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France and United States.

He said that national factories such as La Iberica, among others, are positioning chocolate in the world.

Before the challenge of improving its production, the Ambassador suggested to build a brand for Peruvian chocolate, which can promote this product in the world.

“It could be an important step if we combine efforts. Producers and associations, the Peruvian government, the international cooperation and the private sector must work together to achieve the dream of a Peruvian chocolate brand in world markets,” he added.

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