Passengers left stranded in Peru by Air Comet collapse enter by force into Spanish Embassy in Lima

Isabel Guerra

A group of approximately 70 Spanish and Peruvian travelers  who were left stranded in Lima after the collapse of the Spanish airline Air Comet, tried to enter by force into the Spain Embassy in Lima demanding for more charter flights to return to that country.

In the end, some 30 people entered the embassy, located in the Limenian district of San Isidro, and stayed inside shouting “We want to travel! Where are the authorities?” while the rest of the group — about 50 people — was shouting with them from the outside.

After two hours, most of the protesters had left, since diplomatic officers had promised that they would speed up some help for them: “The Spanish government will issue an official response by Wednesday,” said an officer, who preferred to remain anonymous.

The passengers, mostly Peruvian immigrant workers who came to spend Christmas with their families, are now afraid of the possibility of losing their jobs in Spain.

They also claim that they had paid 800 euros for their tickets, but now the prices have soared to 1,300 euros since it is the high season.

Spanish airline Iberia announced that it will sell one-way tickets to for those affected by the bankruptcy of Air Comet, at prices ranging between US $719 and US $1000 dollars.

In addition, El Comercio reported today that the Peruvian Consulate in Madrid is also trying to get cheaper one-way tickets for 91 Peruvians stranded in Madrid.

At the moment (8 p.m. local time), some 10 persons, including mothers with babies, remained inside the embassy, and at least four people have threatened with starting a hunger strike if their demands are not met inmediately.

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