Prosecutors might investigate Humala.


The prosecutor of the Nation,
Adelaida Bolivar, said that it is possible that they open an official
investigation against the presidential candidate Ollanta Humala, who is tied to
a series of crimes committed in 1992 during the terrorist years, where he
headed a military base in the jungle.
“The provincial public
prosecutor should be evaluating this information to act officially, given the
gravity of the crimes”, manifested Bolivar in declarations to the press. “If there
is sufficient evidence we will begin a
preliminary investigation” she added.
Ollanta Humala who is being
accused for being tied to a series of crimes committed in 1992 commented that “Now
they are accusing me of disappearances, tomorrow they’ll accuse me of drug
trafficking” . The, today is presidential candidate was know as “Captain Carlos”
who ran the military base called Madre Mia, in Tingo Maria in Alto Huallaga.
Humala, who returned on
Monday from attending the empowerment of Evo Morales in his presidency, denied the
accusations of violating human rights and said that he would go through with
the investigation.