Peru: Local soccer tournament had good economic results during 2009

Isabel Guerra

Luis de Souza Ferreira, President of the Professional Soccer Sporting Association (ADFP) is glad about the economic and sport results of this year’s Peruvian soccer tournament.

He said that the total attendance of club supporters to the stadiums, has increased compared to last year, so the total income on tickets sales reached S/.  24’206,076 soles, 8 million more than last year.

With 11 matches fewer than in 2008, this tournament generated more expectations than last year, and the play-off between Universitario and Alianza Lima contributed to a better assistance of the fans to the stadiums: 1’713,437 spectators.

"This tournament has been and economic and sports success, better than the previous one, with no doubt," says De Souza Ferreira.

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