Missionary in Washington sends help to poor people in Peru

Isabel Guerra

US Missionary Vance Field served as a missionary in Peru for 17 years, during which not only was permanently amazed to see how many people there made do with so little, but also commited  himself to help them improve their lives.

Thus, once back home in Washington, he and his wife founded a non-profit organization, Helping Hands Ministries International, which sends thousands of pounds in recycled clothing, toys, bicycles and appliances to Peru.

But the organzation also works with the people in Peru, teaching them how to grow produce, recycle water and use computers.

Field has scheduled to travel to Peru this month to bring dozens of second-hand washing machines, in order to prevent poor women to spend hours every day washing their families’ clothes.

“This is recycling, and this will allow these women to use their time more productively,” he ends.

Helping Hands is at 19213 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell. Call 425-481-6682 for more information.

(Condensed from The HeraldNet.com)

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