Peruvian scientists to share their research starting tomorrow


A large group of Peruvian and foreign scientists will meet in Lima on January 5-8 to participate in the 2010 International Scientific Meeting intended to inform people on the development of scientific and technological advances.

The meeting also provides younger scientists the opportunity to study in countries where expositors work, the International Association of Science and Technology coordinator Modesto Montoya (in the photo) told Andina news agency.

“I think it is amazing that an event, which usually costs thousands of dollars to attend, will be free thanks to the government institutions,” Montoya said.

Presentations will address topics related to the country development. For example, the English scientist David Wahl will talk about physics in finances.

The opening ceremony will take place on January 5 including the participation of Peruvian Prime Minister Javier Velasquez Quesquen, Environment Minister Antonio Brack and Peru’s National Centre for Strategic Planning (Ceplan) president Agustin Haya de la Torre.

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