Peru’s quinoa exports increased by 78%

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) exports have increased by 78% between Jan-Oct 2009, reaching US$ 5.73 million dollars, according to the Association of Exports (Adex).

Despite the international financial crisis, the US is the main importer, with US $ 2.59 million dollars (45% of total exports), which means an increase of 28%, reports Adex Data Trade system.

Israel is the second best buyer, with US$ 656,496; then comes Germany with US$ 561,667 and Ecuador with US$ 326,508.

During 2009 Peru exported quinoa to more than 27 countries.

One of the best months was September 2009, when quinoa exports reached US $932,499, a figure significantly higher than the one for the same month in 2008: US $547,672

The main exporting companies are Agro Orgánico, Grupo Orgánico Nacional, and Greene Export.

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