Peru’s grape exports totaled US $26.4 million

Isabel Guerra

The grapes exporting season started with a positive balance of US $26.4 million dollars, registered last November, which means an increase of 314% compared to the previous month, reported the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

The BCR remarked that this is the best result since 2005 (US $11 million in 2006, US $10 million dollars in 2007, US $18 million dollars in 2008).

November figures made the grape exports reach US $72.9 million dollars during Jan-Nov. 2009, which is 11.5% higher compared to the same period the previous year.

Peru’s grape exports to the United States in November accounted for 24 percent of total sales abroad.

The companies that exported the larger amounts are El Pedregal (25%), Sociedad Agrícola Drokasa (18%) and Complejo Agroindustrial Beta (12%), which represent the 55% of the total exports.

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