At least 35 Peru citizens still missing after Haiti earthquake

Isabel Guerra

At least 35 Peruvian citizens are still missing after the powerful earthquake that hit Haiti, said the Peruvian Consul in that country, Dimitri Leger.

He said that these Peruvians “have not reported themselves yet” and there are almost no clues on their thereabouts.

Leger told Correo that the Consulate headquarters have also been destroyed by the earthquake and the staff has been told not to enter the area, which makes even more difficult to know for sure how many Peruvians may have been affected.

“We have detailed information on addresses and telephone numbers of Peruvians living in Haiti but we can’t access to our data records,” he pointed out, adding that it is also very likely that many Peruvians can’t access to comunication services.

"There are many Peruvians who work at ports and are not registered by the consular office since they stay only for a few days," he said.

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