Peru LNG signs agreements with Ayacucho residents

Isabel Guerra

Representatives of Peru’s government and of LNG (the company in charge of Camisea-Lima pipeline) finally reached an agreement to invest in social projects to benefit 23 communities in Ayacucho, putting an end to a conflict with some local communities.

“We have made some good agreements here. And we are already participating in the daily lives of 34 communities and 12 towns in the Peruvian coast,” said Gabriel Prado, from Peru LNG.

Previously, protests and demonstrations along the area of influence of the LNG’s Camisea-Lima pipeline had forced Peru’s government to declare the state of emergency in some districts of Huamanga, Ayacucho; and a high-level committee was created to solve the demands of the people in Vinchos, Acocro, Socos, Acosvinchos, Chira and Tambillo.

Camisea, located in the Amazonian basin in Cusco, is the largest gas field in Peru, and is expected to secure natural supply gas until 2040 at least.

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