Peru’s ceviche is served in 465 restaurants throughout the US

Isabel Guerra

Peruvian ceviche is currently offered in 400 restaurants all around the US, 65 of them in located in Texas, reports El Comercio.

It has not reached yet the popularity levels of Japanese sushi, but it is becoming widely recognized because of its distinctive flavors, due to lime juice and chili pepper, according to José Peña, chef of Máncora in New York.

“Ceviche is from the coast of Peru and the ocean,” Jose Peña, chef at Mancora in New York City said, adding that peppers, garlic, cilantro, red onions and other accouterments, depending on regional inflections, enliven the fresh seafood and citrus mixture.

The review remarks that the preparation of ceviche is less complicated and elitist than Japanese sushi, and quotes Claudia Reaño, another Peruvian chef, who says “Peruvian food will be the next boom. It’s just a matter of time.”

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