Peru’s Minister of Agriculture promotes alliance to boost agricultural competitiveness


Peru’s Minister of Agriculture Adolfo de Cordova delivered checks for the executing nucleus in Bella Union district, province of Caraveli (Arequipa).

He asked the local governments to support the agricultural activity in order to create an alliance for competitiveness among Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture, the municipalities and organized farmers.

Minister De Cordova asked the mayors to promote the organized farmers so they can improve their crops and increase competitiveness in order to take advantage of international markets.

“We have Agroemprende, with which we finance up to 80% of agricultural projects, and organized farmers provide 20%,” he said.

He pointed out that Agroemprende has an initial item worth 30 million soles to finance projects presented by farmers, and up to now more than 600 projects nationwide have been submitted; these projects are being assessed by the ministry.

He added that Peru’s President Alan Garcia promised to boost the development of agriculture thanks to programs like Agroemprende, that this year can increase its resources up to 50 million soles.

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