Lourdes Flores is up by 30%


New surveys carried out by different organizations has
calmed many Peruvians who were worried. The survey attained by Trabajos de Apoyo, disclosed that Lourdes Flores has 30% back up while Ollanta Humala
22%, Alan Gracia 13% and Paniagua 8%, this percentage was realized among 1.600
people in 30 different provinces of Peru. Analistas & Consultores the
second organization elaborated their
survey on 12 cities and on more than a thousand people and the results showed
that Flores Nano has a 30,9% chance of winning while Humala only has a 19,5%, Alan
Gracia a 14,6% and Paniagua a 5,2% chance of winning. These surveys shows that
Lourdes Flores would win Humala in an eventual second votation.