Peru creates another natural protected area

Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian government has created another protected natural area between the high basins of the rivers Zaña and Chancay-Lambayeque, in the districts of Catache, Calquis and La Florida, in Cajamarca, as well as Oyotún, in Lambayeque.

The new protected area is called Udima Reserve and aims to enhance the conservation of the highlands where the rivers Zaña y Chancay have their origins, since they play a very important role providing clean water to the whole valley.

Another of the reasons for creating this area is to fight against deforestation and controlling the erosion, conditions which contribute to produce natural disasters in the Zaña basin during the rainy season, especially during “El Niño.”

The area also is a home for the quina tree (Cinchona calisaya), ícon of the National Coat of Arms, and with important medicinal qualities.

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