Fight against drugs and climate change top priority in EU-Peru agenda


The Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Peru, Hans Allden, said that the fight against drugs and climate change are the main issues in the European Union’s agenda with Peru.

He stated that the European Union’s general focus will continue to be good governance and social cohesion, "but there are also specific issues which rise from globalization, one of them is drugs, and the other is climate change".

"We already have dialog with Peru on this issue (fight against drugs), but they will be high on the agenda," he said.

Allden stated that the "drug issue" links to international criminality and that is why it is quite concerning for the EU.

"We need to engage deeper in this subject, " he said in an interview with Andina.

Allden noted that the EU and Peru have to deal with climate change since Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries "when it comes to be see the effects of climate change."

In this issue, there’s a lot to do such as exchange of scientific information.

Finally, Allden said that the European Union is likely to expand its cooperation to Peru in these fields.

"In the fight against drugs, it’s possible that we will expand the program further, we have to emphasize social cohesion and good governance, too", he added.

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