China likely to become main buyer of Peru’s alpaca fiber

Isabel Guerra

China could become the main buyer of Peruvian alpaca wool, instead of the US, thanks to the FTA with China which will allow the access to this Asian market with low tariffs, said Juan Pepper, from Michell & Cia.

According to Pepper, the other prospective big markets for alpaca exports are Russia and New Zealand.

He said that the foreign trade of this fiber could experience a boom very similar to the one that Peruvian gastronomy is currently going through, because "the great atomization of the sector makes us expect an explosion soon.”

Pepper suggests that it is necessary to make a census of the sector, in order to know better its reality, since the official figures are 20 years old.

According to official statistics, there are 3.5 million alpacas in Peru, and only 16% of them are currently managed under proper technical conditions and with entrepreneur criteria.

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