Peru: Twenty Peruvian franchises go international

Isabel Guerra

There are currently 20 Peruvian franchises going through a process of becoming international, according to Promperu’s reports.

The greater percentage of these companies belongs to the gastronomic sector, followed by clothing, hardware store, jewelery, beauty and leather, reports Semana Económica.

Some of the Peruvian restaurants that will open a store abroad between 2010 and 2011 are the restaurants Caplina, Escondite del Gordo, Estadio Fútbol Club, Señorío de Sulco, El Rocoto, Pez On, Rosa Náutica, Mi Propiedad Privada, La Caravana, José Antonio, Mediterráneo Chicken Polo Marino, Punta Sal, Matsuei, Las Canastas and Brujas de Cachiche.

In another sectors, Promperu lists, for example, Marco Antonio Salon (beauty), CMC by Camusso (jewelery), Michelle Belau (design clothes) and Ferrethon (hardware store)

The destination countries for these Peruvian franchises are Chile, Colombia, México, Ecuador, Argentina, Estados Unidos, Panamá, España, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Brasil.

Promperu is Peru’s state agency to promote the countries’ trade and image abroad.

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