Beyoncé to use two stages during her concert in Lima, Peru

Isabel Guerra

The popular singer Beyonce Knowles requested an additional stage for her concert in Lima, so that public can see her closer, informed the businessman in charge of the event, Tito Vattuone.

The second stage is 1.20 high, and reportedly Beyoncé will use it during in at least four songs.

In order to reach this stage, she will not have an elevated runway, but will need to walk on the corridor that divides the seats in the “Beyoncé” zone.

Beyoncé will perform in Lima on Feb. 16, as part of her I Am Tour 2010,” promoting her third and latest album “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”

The organizers remarked that people can take photos with their cell phones or small digital cameras, but audio or video recorders will not be allowed, and large photo cameras will not be allowed either.

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