Pardo’s Chicken franchise opens a ceviche chain in Lima

Isabel Guerra

The franchise Pardo SAC, owner of the restaurants chain Pardo’s Chicken, has just launched a new brand for starting business with restaurants dedicated to ceviche.

The new brand is called Nikko and has just opened its first place in La Molina district, on La Fontana Avenue.

“We have decided to enter the nikkei ceviches sector with this new brand. The project is managed by Omar Frank Maruy, and our concept is working with young cooks,” said Arnold Wu, CEO of Serfransac.

Wu commented that this area in La Molina is becoming a commercial area that concentrates the demands from the families living in La Molina, Ate, Surco and nearby districts, and that’s why they are soon opening a new Pardo’s Chicken at the corner of Javier Prado Este and Ingenieros.

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