There are no reports yet about Peruvian victims in Chile, Peru’s Chancellor says

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Chancellor, Jose Antonio Garcia Belaunde, said there have not been any reports on Peruvian victims after the 8.8 Richter earthquake that struck Santiago de Chile earlier this morning.

However, he pointed out that this is only preliminary data, since the communications with that country have not been fully restored yet and it is impossible to have a full panorama of the situation at present.

The Ministry has setup two telephone lines to help the families in Lima of Peruvian citizens currently in Chile: (511)  204-2557 and (511) 204-2559.

Google has also opened a webpage to help locating people in Chile:

According to USGS reports, the earthquake magnitude was initially reported at 8.3 then 8.5, and it is currently estimated in 8.8 in Richter scale.

The epicenter was located at 115 km from Concepción, in the Pacific Ocean, 320 km away from the capital, Santiago de Chile.

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