Not enough resources to build sewage treatment plant



construction of the northern interceptor which will be finished in June had
brought a solution to the contamination of Costa Verde and Callao beaches due to sewage. The northern
interceptor which runs under 4 districts of Lima will be connected to 8 already
existing sewage ducts. Currently all sewage wastes are being dumped in
different beaches of Lima and Callao and in the river Rimac.
To prevent further contamination of the sea, Sedapal had devised to build of a sewage treatment plant to which
sewage would arrive through an interceptor, be treated and then released into the
sea through a submerged conduit.
However, Hilda Abuid, spokesperson for Sedapal commented that there are not
enough resources to begin construction on the plant due to the fact that they
disapproved the increase of fees.