Peru may have 10,000 companies exporting to China by 2020, says Trade Ministry

Isabel Guerra

Peru may have 10,000 companies exporting to China during the first ten years of the free trade agreement with that country, that took effect since March 1, said Foreign Trade Minister Martin Perez.

"Most trade analysts estimate that the number of companies exporting to China may grow between 15% and 17% during the first year of the free trade agreement, and some ones estimate it may even grow by 20%,” he said.

He pointed out that there are currently more than 1,000 companies in Peru exporting directly to China, while another 7,000 do so indirectly.

"We are saying that we might have some 1,000 new companies exporting to China, and that would make a total of 10,000 in ten years’ time,” said Perez.

He pointed out that China population is 1.3 billion people, and the fact that in 2009, a year of international financial crisis, Peruvian exports to China grew by 12%.

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