Some 230 Peruvian citizens are returning to Peru after Chile’s earthquake

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Ambassador to Chile, Carlos Pareja, reported that some 230 Peruvian citizens are returning to their home country after the 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile last week.

He told RadioProgramas del Peru that some of these Peruvians have decided to come back with their families, others have lost wives or children, and others are finding too difficult to stay in Chile under current circumstances.

Pareja also explained that there is a significant number of Peruvians that do not want to return, despite the damages in their homes, because they have family and a job in Chile.

Santiago’s Major, Pablo Zalaquett, has promised to provide lodges for these Peruvian citizens who do not want to leave Chile, while they find a solution to their problem.

"They are going to stay at a school’s gym, where we will provide beds for 200 people,” said Zalaquett.

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