Colombia’s Juan Valdez Cafe to open stores in Peru

Isabel Guerra

Promotora de Café Colombia, which manages the Juan Valdez coffee trademark, announced plans to open branches in Peru, Canada, United States, Argentine and Central America.

CEO Catalina Crane disclosed the company’s expansion plans for 2010.

"The franchises will be given to experienced companies in every country with possibilities of quick expansion. We have made a shortlisting of country candidates to open the new stores," explained Crane, according to the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

Crane said that since making the announcement of the franchises, the company has received more than 2,000 of requests from all over the world. Juan Valdez is one of the most known Colombian trademarks in the world.

She added they will put emphasis in the airports in the United States. "We have already close a deal to have the first Juan Valdez Café branch at Miami international airport," she said.

There are four branches at New York airports, 10 in Chile and Ecuador. Juan Valdez Café will be sold in more than 650 supermarkets at South Korea.

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