Peru: today’s earthquake in Chile has not generated any tsunami

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Navy has just informed that the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has not issued any tsunami watch nor warning after the strong 7.1 Richter aftershocks that rattled Santiago this morning.

“That earthquake happened very near the coast, and according to the information we have received from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, it has not generated a tsunami,” said Jorge Paz, from Peruvian Navy, to Radioprogramas del Perú.

“Chile is currently in permanent alert, and we can tell that there is absolutely no risk for Peruvian coasts right now,” remarked Paz.

As news reports showed earlier today, three strong aftershocks in less that 20 minutes had shaken Santiago de Chile, during the ceremony where Sebastián Pinera was taking office as the new President of Chile, which generated some fears about the possibility of a tsunami.

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