Peru’s Añaños Group opens its sixth plant in Mexico

Isabel Guerra

The Peruvian group Añaños is investing US$ 6.5 million in its sixth plant in Mexico, in Culiacan state, which will create 85 direct jobs and more than 100 indirect ones.

With this plant, Ajemex, a subsidiary company from Peru’s AjeGroup, expects to serve local market, but also to sustain its distributors’ requests to export to the US, quotes Semana Económica.

This investment implied the construction of a production line for their brands Big Cola, Big Citrus Punch and bottled waters, according to Alfredo Paredes, Corporative Affairs Manager.

With its modern technology and production capacity of 3 billion liters per year, Ajegroup has sold 1.4 billion liters under the brands Big Cola and First, a figure that represents almost 11% of all the beverages sold in Mexico.

The Peruvian entrepreneurs already have 26 producing plants in 10 Latin American countries and one in Thailand; they are considering opening a second one in that country.

(Photo: Noroeste.com)

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