Peru, Argentina to become strategic partners in increasing value-added production


Peru, Argentina to become strategic partners in increasing value-added productionPeru and Argentina should become strategic partners in the task to increase their value-added production, stated Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, during the bilateral business meeting being held in Lima.

"Adding value to our products should be the key for the growth and development of partnerships among all the countries of the region, specially in the bilateral relation between Peru and Argentina, " Fernandez said.

The Argentine president explained that the biggest challenge of this partnership is to identify the areas and activities in which each country has comparative advantages, so that both can support each other.

"This is the way we will build true value chains between both countries to give us a place in the world. This is the new way to face business, and not only looking at each other as clients."

Fernandez stated that instead of paying attention to differences, Peru as well as Argentina must identify the goals they have met and advance on increasing value chains

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