Peru: Police arrests alleged rapist of German tourist

Isabel Guerra

After an intensive investigation, the Peruvian police arrested Wildoro Amasifuén Sinarahua, presumed rapist of  a German tourist.

Amasifuen is accused of brutally beating and raping Catina Uti Klingelfeld, a German tourist who had hired him to conduct an ayahuasca healing session, a local shamanic practice supposed to induce supernatural visions and to enlighten the mind.

Amasifuen, pictured here, was identified by local residents of Nuevo Lima district, who found him hiding at some relatives’ home, and took him to the police station.

He declared himself not guilty; however, police records showed that he already had an arrest warrant issued against him on charges of raping another person while in state of unconscioussness induced by ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew made from the bark and stems of a tropical South American vine, widely used in shamanic rituals.

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