Peru: Mayor of Carabaya asks for her province to be declared in emergency

Isabel Guerra

Peru: Mayor of Carabaya ask her province to be declared in emergencyAfter the tragedy caused by the mudslides in Mucumayo, Puno, that have caused 13 deaths up to now, regional and local authorities are still blaming each other about the increasing death toll.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Carabaya, Nancy Rossell, is asking that the whole province should be declared in emergency, to make a complete report on the mining sectors, and to open medical facilities that provide basic first-aid care.

Another pending issue related indirectly to this is to clearly mark the borders between some districts.

“Central government looks at Carabaya only to exploit its resources, but in moments like this it is not present,” claims Rossell, pointing out that the only institutions that have provided some help up to know are Pronaa, the national’s office that coordinates food aid, and Civil Defense Committees.

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