Peru’s agricultural exports will surpass US$ 2.8 billion in 2010

Isabel Guerra

Peru’s Agriculture Minister Adolfo de Cordova announced that Peruvian agricultural exports will be worth more than US $2.8 billion this year.

During the Second 2010 Best Agroexporters Award ceremony, De Cordova said that "The agroexporter sector is the worldwide image of Peru, and we are expecting it to  significantly grow".

Recently, thanks to the work of this Ministry, Peruvian avocado Hass entered the demanding US market.

The Minister added that his sector grew by 4.1% and that in the last ten years the growth was around 17%.

"I believe in the ability of the private sector to keep on growing in the agrarian area. We have more than 500 agrarian projects between Lima and Tumbes, like Chinecas, Olmos, Chavimochic and others," he said.

Danper Trujillo company won the "Agricultural Exporter of the Year Prize".

The "Prize to the Successful Association" was for Central Cooperativa Cafetalera Sandia (Puno) and "Frio Aereo" Civil Association.

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