Peru’s Ajegroup ready to enter China and India markets

Isabel Guerra

Peru's Ajegroup ready to enter China and India marketsPeruvian multinational company Ajegroup, owned by the Añaños family, reported that it is defining the investments budget that they will require to enter China and India markets, their new international targets.

Alfredo Paredes, Corporative Affairs Manager, said that they still need to solve some administrative processes.

“In the case of China and India, we still have to resolve different processes linked to the legislation and protection of copyright in both markets,” he told Andina news agency.

Ajegroup had expansion plans since 2008; however, the international financial crisis forced them to reconsider and wait for a more favorable economic moment.

Paredes also said that they will invest some US $ 22 million in several projects to expand their operations in the countries where they already have presence.

Ajegroup currently owns 22 beverages production plants in Perú, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala, México and Tailandia, but expects to close 2010 with 26 plants.

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