Bank of China evaluates entering Peru’s markets

Isabel Guerra

The Bank of China, one of the most important ones in that country, is evaluating the possibility of opening offices in Peru, due to the large number of Chinese investors in this South American country, according to its Executive Vice President Chen Siqing.

“We have not yet set a deadline to open this branch office, but we are very interested in this project, because there is a large number of Chinese investors here, and much more are still arriving,” he said.

Siqing also revealed that they have already sent a business mission, which is currently in Lima, to investigate the potential and possibilities of the Peruvian market, so that they can make a decision.

The Bank of China has just signed an agreement with Interbank, to create a China Desk in Perú

The Bank of China has just opened a branch in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and reportedly it is interested in entering another Latin American markets.

(Photo: WorldMarketMedia.com)

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