High lead contamination levels in Pasco


Pasco is another area with high pollution problems in Peru. The city of Cerro de Pasco is located in the center of Peru is highly polluted due to the mining activities in the area, the dust coming out from this open mine affects the population specially children.The national enterprise Centromin Peru which is responsible for the environmental issues of the mine hired a group of 54 experts in order to make a survey which cost them S/.54,435.

According to the survey 80% of the children between 0 to 10 years old from the towns of Champamarca and Quiulacocha have high percentage of lead in their blood. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends as standard a percentage of 10mg of lead per deciliter of  blood, but some kids in Pasco have much more. The survey was done among 236 kids and 13 pregnant women, out of this group only 33 kids had less than 10mg lead per deciliter in their blood. Most of them had 15 mg and some had up to 44mg of lead per blood deciliter, which is extremely dangerous. Lead can cause malformations and brain damage.

The company Doe Run is responsible for the mining activities in this mine.