US Defense Secretary visited Peru to strenghten cooperation ties.

Isabel Guerra

The US offered to strenght its alliance with Peru, Colombia and Mexico aiming to face certain issues such as drug trafficking and insurgency, during the official visit of US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates.

Gates said, during a press conference given with his Peruvian counterpart Rafael Rey, that Washington is interested in boosting several regional initiatives, one of them with Peru, “to increase cooperation with other allied countries like Colombia and Mexico.”

He also said that the United States is encouraged by the recent military training and doctrine exchanges between Peru and Colombia, and reiterated his country’s commitment to help Peru tackle illicit trafficking, narcotics and terrorism.

Minister Rey remarked “we have not talked about the presence of US troops or military bases in Peru.”

Gates, who describes Peru as a “constructive influence” in Latin America, also had a meeting with President Alan Garcia, with whom he has “many ideas in common” as he said.

Washington is concerned about a possible resurgence of Shining Path guerrilla, which was defeated during the 90’s but still organizes some attacks now and then

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