Five mummies found in Valley of the Kings-Egypt


The Valley of Kings famous for Tutankhamun’s
tomb and other burial site for pharaohs of Egypt; today after nearly a decade
since the last find its back in the spot light with the find of a single
chamber tomb which contains five wooden sarcophagi, in human shapes with colored
funerary masks, surrounded by 20 jars with their pharaonic seals intact, the
sarcophagi contain mummies, likely from the 18th Dynasty, some 3,500-3,300
years ago. The fact that the tomb contains a single chamber likely means it was
meant for only one mummy, archaeologists will now have to determine not only
the date of the tomb’s creation but also the dates of the individual sarcophagi
and mummies to find which are the tomb’s owner.
So far, authorities haven’t had a close
enough look to know who is in the tomb. Workers have been clearing rubble to
allow archaeologists to examine it. Officials were tightlipped Thursday, a day
after announcing the find. American archaeologist Otto Schaden, who headed the
team that uncovered the site, declined to answer questions.