Peru: Daryl Hannah joins Peruvian indigenous anti-oil protests in Los Angeles

Isabel Guerra

Peru: Daryl Hannah joins Peruvian indigenous anti-oil protests in Los AngelesUS actress Daryl Hannah joined a protest organized by Peruvian indigenous leaders in Los Angeles, during Oxy’s oil company annual meeting

The company has been accused of polluting indigenous territories dumping nine billion barrels of toxic effluent into rivers that the Achuars use every day for drinking, cooking and bathing,

Gerardo Maynas, President of the Native Communities at Corrientes River Federation, or Feconaco, told France Press Agency that they wanted to express how much the indigenous are suffering due to the damage caused to the rivers and the environment-

“We want Oxy to assume its responsibility on the damage that its extractive operations have caused between 1971 y 2000,” said Maynas.

Daryl Hannah told the press that "after this huge oil spill in the Mexico gulf, it’s become really apparent that the oil companies must take responsibility for their impact on eco-systems and our communities."

The Achuar people sued Oxy in 2007 in US civil courts, and the case is slowly progressing through appeals.

However, Oxy claims that the company “is not aware of any credible data” that may have been presented by the Achuars, who not only demand large-scale cleanup operation but also want payment of health care costs for illnesses allegedly caused by pollution.

(Photo: AFP)

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