Lourdes Flores in first place with a 35% vote


The survey carried out by El
Comercio where 2 thousand people participated from all around the country was
published yesterday. Lourdes Flores is currently in the lead by 35% with her
party Unidad Nacional (national unity)with a 27% vote. Ollanta Humala, who in
the last survey was in the lead now is in second place with a vote of 25%,
while his party-Union por el Peru has a15% vote. Former president Alan Garcia, is
in third with 17% and his party-APRA with 21%. Valentin Paniagua with only a 8%
vote while his party Frente de Centro has 15%. The Fujimorist Martha Chavez, is
in fifth place with a vote of only 6% while her party Alianza por el Futuro has
7% vote.
Currently Unidad Nacional
shows most favor with potential votes in Lima, Arequipa
and the south coast, where she is thought of as a winner.