Peru: Cold-induced pneumonia hits again Puno, 17 children die.

Isabel Guerra

Due to the cold wave currently hitting Puno region highlands, 288 cases of pneumonia have been officially reported by local public health services, and mostly among children.

According to Dr. Freddy Pásara, Regional Chief of Immunizations, the worst part is that 18 people have died due to this illness, and to the lack of vaccines and medicines.

“We have vaccines against pneumococcus and seasonal influenza, and are vaccinating health workers against AH1N1 influenza,” said Pásara, stressing that they have not vaccines against other germs that may induce pneumonia too.

According to official figures, the number of cases is growing compared to last year: in 2009, 351 cases were reported, from which 29 people died.

(Video: Enlace Nacional)

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